HDMI and USB 2.0 Camera selectors


CAM 100

  • Selects between USB 2.0 and HDMI sources to a single HDMI output
  • Control over push-buttons, LAN and RS-232

CAM 200

  • Selects between HDMI and VGA sources to a single USB 3.0 connection
  • Control over push-buttons, LAN and RS-232
  • Features a USB Type-C connector

CAM 300

  • Selects between USB 2.0 and HDMI sources
  • Outputs to a USB 3.0 and HDMI connections
  • Control over push-buttons, LAN and RS-232

Multiple Cameras in your online meetings and webcast

Online collaboration is already a communication norm – like email & cell phones. The novelty and many of the bugs are gone. It’s a valid tool. Audiences already expect a higher production value than a one camera talking head. You can achieve this with software, a multiple input computer and an operator or you can look at Inogeni.

With the Inogeni CAM series of multiple cameras selector, your meeting can be as spontaneous as you want it to be. The CAM products let you select one of four sources from the buttons or remotely. With SHARE2 you can present and narrate a PowerPoint program, cut between images of one speaker and a group, have one camera focused on an interviewer and the interviewee, present and explain a spreadsheet or a digitized radiograph, etc. With practice you can make one camera full screen and change what the other camera or source is looking at while it is off screen.

The SHARE series extend the flexibility of the CAM selectors by adding sources mixing and combining effects for a more efficient on line collaboration.

Flexible installation with local and remote control

In addition to the front buttons, you can control them via serial and Ethernet as well. In other words you can use them in a Crestron controlled room or at a remote site.

Extreme compatibility with all applications

Technically, the CAM series integrates a scaler and frame buffer to insure a smooth glitch-free switch so your collaboration program sees a single continuous data stream. Tested apps include Skype®, Quicklaunch®, Hangouts®, ZOOM®, Vidyo®, Livecast®, vMix®, etc. The best way to test your application is that if it works with a single camera, you can have more cameras with Inogeni CAM products.

For systems installers and designers, Inogeni offers discount pricing and unbeatable technical support.