Question:  How does the setting work for the “Automatic Scaling and frame rate conversion”? i.e. If the input video signal is 1280×1024 75Hz does it scale to 1024×768 50Hz ?

Answer:  Yes, the dongle will scale 1280×1024 to 1024×768. It will also convert the frame rate to what is selected on the USB side, which has a maximum of 60Hz.

  • The INOGENI doesn’t need any driver and will work with Mac OSX. Be sure to use the latest OS.
  • The INOGENI is recognized as a simple website in any OS.
  • There will be no adapters included in the package. You can use a RCA to 3.5mm adapter in order to use the stereo 3.5mm connector.

Here is a type of adapter you could use. – Here is a picture of the box.

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