About us

INOGENI was founded in 2005 as an engineering design house for manufacturers of professional video communication products. In 2012, INOGENI started designing and manufacturing its own product line and is now a leader in video conferencing products that offer the possibility to use multiple camera and video sources. New technology product development is typically driven by the needs of our customers. 

Applications for our products include video conferencing, lecture capture, medical imaging, virtual reality production and fulfilling many other needs that require multiple video sources. INOGENI products enable better and more customized online communications with programs like Zoom®, Skype®, WebEx®, GoToMeeting®, BlueJeans®, Vidyo®, Google Meet®, vMix®, Facebook Live®, YouTube®, Wirecast®, Livestream® and more.

All INOGENI products are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. Our award-winning technical support team is available to support virtually any need that arises during installation.



530-979 de Bourgogne Avenue

Quebec, QC

G1W 2L4


1 418 651 3383