Compatible devices

Compatible with CODECs and soft CODECs

INOGENI equipment has been designed to work with CODECs, soft CODECs, cameras and video signal via USB, SDI, HDMI or DVI as appropriate. This list represents the CODECs that have been tested in an audiovisual laboratory and have successfully passed all the compatibility tests.

Compatible with Cisco Webex Room Series

Configure your Cisco conferencing software to use USB cameras and microphones.

  • Activate ‘Enable USB mode’ on the Touch 10
  • It works with any virtual meeting room software that enables USB cameras and microphones, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or BlueJeans.
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 (high quality MJPEG)
  • The 4KX-PLUS with Cisco Devices enables multiple displays. The 4K2USB3 works only for one display.
  • The external power supply maintains the connection between the Cisco Webex CODEC and the 2nddisplay, even if the laptop is not connected to the 4KX-PLUS.

The most cost-effective and user-friendly interoperability solution

Rely on a proven technology that captures uncompressed HDMI video and audio from Webex devices, which then converts it to USB 3.0 for a third-party laptop.

Compatible USB extenders