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INOGENI launches 4KX-PLUS – HDMI to USB 3.0 for the Cisco Webex Room Series


INOGENI has always been on a mission to help IT and AV experts as well as technology partners to benefit from its latest innovations in converters, mixers and switches to provide headache-free conference and presentation experiences for their conferences.


And the innovation keeps on evolving, with the brand-new 4KX-PLUS, which enables third-party meetings (BYOM), such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, with Cisco Webex equipment (cameras, screens and microphones).

4KX-PLUS enables BYOM and BYOD Cisco Webex setups

INOGENI recently launched this capture device for the Cisco Webex Room Series, intelligent video collaboration systems that are fully integrated with the Webex platform.

While the Cisco Webex Room Series offers high-performance video-conferencing solutions for a variety of different workspaces, including auditoriums, boardrooms, large-to-medium-size meeting rooms, and huddle spaces, the 4KX-PLUS enables more seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) configurations.

With more and more businesses opting for hybrid work environments and a sharp increase in the gig economy, whereby formerly employed professionals have gone the entrepreneurial route, companies are realizing just how much laptops trump in-room systems when it comes to people-centric tech—or how employees and third parties want to work and collaborate with their own devices.

This is exactly why INOGENI developed the 4KX-PLUS.

INOGENI’s 4KX-PLUS: Proven technology to convert HDMI to USB 3.0

The 4KX-PLUS captures uncompressed HDMI video and audio from Cisco’s CODEC and converts it to USB 3.0 for any third-party Windows, macOS and Linux laptop. No drivers are required. You can easily program macros in your Webex Room Device. Users also benefit from an intuitive interface on Webex Touch 10 or Webex Navigator.

Thanks to its direct integration with Cisco room equipment (screens, cameras and audio), the 4KX-PLUS resolves interoperability issues, optimizes all meeting room assets, and avoids additional licence fees for Cloud Video Interop (CVI) service and user management.

4KX-PLUS compatibility with Cisco Webex Room Series

Here is a typical configuration in which the 4KX-PLUS can help elevate the BYOD and BYOM experience.

You can use INOGENI’s 4KX-PLUS with the following Cisco solutions:

Macro and native

  • Webex Room Kit
  • Webex Room Kit Plus
  • Webex Room Kit Pro
  • Webex Room 55
  • Webex Room 70

Macro only

  • Cisco MX700
  • Cisco MX800
  • Cisco SX80

The 4KX-PLUS being designed for easy access to the Cisco Webex system by a Laptop with third-party CODEC software. In fact the 4KX-PLUS, like all INOGENI products, can work with any virtual meeting room software, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or BlueJeans.

Interested in learning more about the 4KX-PLUS? Specification Sheet, Cisco CODEC and system Diagrams and more! Visit our 4KX-PLUS product page or contact either one of INOGENI’s certified dealers/integrators or distributors.

More than 700 people registered at one of our 3 Webinar about the 4KX-PLUS!!


Unlocking BYOM in a Webex Environment: Introducing the INOGENI 4KX-PLUS.

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