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CRESTRON cameras certified for Zoom Rooms software with INOGENI’s 4KXUSB3

Enhance virtual meetings with Crestron cameras: Automatically track and frame meeting participants with ease.

Listen here Jeff Meyer Interview by @NeilFluester Crestron’s Global Director – Technology Alliances CresTV – @CrestronElectronics at Tech XPO 09 2023 – London, Uk.

In the era of virtual meetings, having a reliable and advanced camera system is essential to create engaging and immersive experiences. Crestron’s intelligent optical zoom PTZ cameras offer numerous advantages, including presenter tracking and group framing. Let’s explore how these cameras can revolutionize your virtual meetings.

Presenter Tracking with AutoTracker™ Cameras: Smoothly follows a presenter as they walk, allowing her/him to move naturally, while also providing a closeup view for remote participants. These cameras are ideal for training rooms, classrooms, and any meeting space with a presentation area.

Group Framing with AutoFramer™ Cameras: Automatically adjust the camera to pan, tilt, and zoom so everyone in the room is perfectly framed. These cameras are ideal for medium-sized conference rooms.




The Hawk™ Dual-Camera Speaker Tracking Solution (IV‑CAMHK‑12‑SLVR‑1B) is certified for Zoom Rooms® software with the Inogeni™ 4KXUSB3 converter for camera control.

The IV‑CAMHK‑12‑SLVR‑1B is an intelligent participant tracking solution that uses two HD PTZ cameras to automatically cut to whoever is speaking in the room. Ideal for small to medium sized rooms, deploy the IV‑CAMHK‑12‑SLVR‑1B when a close-up view of the meeting participants is desired.

Conferencing Compatibility
Optimize video conferencing, recording, or streaming by using the IV‑CAMHK‑12‑SLVR‑1B camera with Microsoft Teams®, Zoom Rooms®, Cisco WebEx®, MediaSite®, or Panopto®.

See the Crestron Hawk™ camera webpage here.

Other advantages of the Crestron Cameras:

  • Automatic: Uses visual A.I. No manual adjustments required.
  • High-quality video: Delivers clear visuals with support for resolutions of up to 1080p60.
  • Flexible Functionality: Optional manual control for standard PTZ camera provides complete video feed control.

Here is the list of the Crestron cameras certified for Zoom Rooms® software with the INOGENI™ 4KXUSB3 converter for camera control.


For detailed installation procedures and more information about the Crestron cameras, please visit Crestron documentation Web page or Zoom Support web page under ProAV Camera.