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Crestron’s Automate™ VX Plus is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms with Crestron cameras and INOGENI’s SDI2USB3.

In the fast-paced world of virtual meetings and collaboration, Crestron has achieved a significant milestone. Its cutting-edge Automate™ VX Plus system is now officially certified for use with Microsoft Teams® Rooms software with INOGENI’s SDI2USB3. This achievement marks a revolutionary step in how people conduct virtual meetings and presentations.

Certified devices

Crestron’s Automate™ VX Plus, along with the INOGENI SDI2USB3 converter, provides a certified Microsoft Teams solution that’s poised to transform how we interact during virtual meetings, town halls, and classrooms. This exciting certification means you can now elevate your virtual meetings to a whole new professional level.

Essential hardware

To ensure a seamless and certified solution, there are a few essential hardware components to consider:

Combining these components unlocks the potential for a more interactive and engaging virtual meeting experience.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Certified Set-Up

The Crestron AutoTracker™ and AutoFramer™ cameras are controlled by the Automate™ VX Plus, then the video stream is transmitted via SDI for maximum video quality, speed and distance up to 100 m (330 ft.) then converted to USB 3.0 by the INOGENI SDI2USB3 to Crestron UC Flex System.


Unlocking meeting equity

Crestron’s Automate™ VX Plus solution is more than a certified collaboration tool. It offers numerous benefits that set it apart:

  • Hands-free and automatic camera switching
  • Superior optical zoom for crisp, clear images
  • Captures non-verbal cues for a more immersive experience
  • Broadcast-quality dynamic camera switching
  • Multiple camera angles for a comprehensive view

The result is a meeting experience that keeps remote participants engaged and informed.

Microsoft’s seal of approval

Microsoft’s certification process is known for its high standards, ensuring top-tier audio, video, and user interface performance. This certification acknowledges the INOGENI’s SDI2USB3 robust technology, guaranteeing seamless compatibility for users.

INOGENI: Mastering SDI to USB 3.0 conversion with seamless perfection

Converting SDI (Serial Digital Interface) to USB 3.0 can be complex and demanding. However, INOGENI has mastered this process with its robust and proven technology. Here’s how INOGENI achieves it seamlessly:

High data throughput: INOGENI’s technology efficiently transfers high-definition video and audio data from SDI sources to USB 3.0 ports, maintaining exceptional image quality without latency.

Plug-and-play simplicity: INOGENI’s solutions are designed for ease of use, offering a plug-and-play experience.

High-quality 3G SDI2USB3 features:

  • An active SDI loop output connector for a display or secondary usage
  • Color space conversion ensures accurate and vibrant color representation,
  • Embedded audio extraction, as a two-channel LPCM, provides synchronized high-quality audio alongside your video.
  • Digital Fluid technology: Thanks to internal frame buffers, the converter maximizes frame rates with any PC, ensuring smooth and lag-free video transmission.
  • Barco ClickShare Conference compatibility
  • Zoom-certified
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Certified with Crestron Automate™ VX Plus + cameras.

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