Discover INOGENI’s compatibility with Barco’s ClickShare wireless conferencing and presentation systems

Nothing has amplified the impact of incompatible technology on meetings and education as much as the recent global pandemic. Before COVID-19, technology issues did occur, with users, understandably frustrated, chalking it up to “that’s just the way it is.”

However, as lockdowns eased and both companies and organizations opted for hybrid approaches, the device, equipment and platform conundrums became glaringly clear: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) may have become the new norm, whether for activity-based work or HyFlex education, but tech failures are still too common. These in turn reduce the quality, effectiveness, efficiency and overall experience of collaboration and learning alike.

CIO Dive explains that hybrid work transitions tend to overwhelm and challenge IT professionals as they grapple with managing multiple applications, boosting security infrastructure, and, of course, supporting the AV needs of hybrid/HyFlex users.

Technology to the rescue of…technology

Given that business and educational users are not all on the leading edge of tech-savviness (and they need not be) and that the latest hybrid/HyFlex room setups include a wide range of equipment, including multiple cameras and microphones, speakers, monitors, displays, computers and tablets, new technology solutions must be implemented for improved interoperability and control.

Wireless conferencing and presentation systems, such as BARCO’s ClickShare Conference, offer a hassle-free means to provide a more enhanced meeting, collaboration and learning environments for participants. Users can easily “plug and play” their devices to the system without the headaches, making BYOD or BYOM more of a breeze.


                             Barco ClickShare Conference System

ClickShare Conference


However, as users embark on more sophisticated content sharing, with multiple peripherals and complex setups, conference and presentation systems require an additional AV arsenal to their toolkits to make each experience truly seamless and immersive.


INOGENI’s compatibility with Barco’s ClickShare solutions

INOGENI has developed ahead-of-the-curve, yet simple, solutions that easily connect with all the conferencing equipment in a room and control it—without any latency: multiple cameras as well as the conference system video and audio sources to the wireless ClickShare Conference system. Let’s look into them a little more closely.

SHARE2 & SHARE2U, a flexible hardware mixer for multi I/O capture, and CAM300, an advanced multiple camera selector, optimize your ClickShare Conference like never before. Both devices enable video with audio capture from up to three HDMI and USB camera sources. They feature an easy and intuitive mixer control with picture-in-picture and split functions. Less hardware complexity. No drivers and no setup for your ClickShare Conference!



4K2USB3, 4KXUSB3 and HD2USB3 Converters expand your ClickShare Conference versatility and require no drivers. They are the most reliable and convenient tools to capture uncompressed videos and audio from your HDMI equipment and send to your ClickShare Conference system.


The SDI2USB3 Converter is the easiest and most reliable tool to capture uncompressed 3GSDI video with embedded audio to your ClickShare Conference system. No driver installation required! It features a 3GSDI input with active loop output and supports SD and HD video formats, up to 1080p60.


Do you currently use a ClickShare Conference system and would like to know more about INOGENI’s compatible solutions? Visit INOGENI & ClickShare Barco web page or contact one of our authorized dealers.