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HETMA Approved Program: INOGENI Devices Exceed Expectations

INOGENI is excited to share the findings of our recent evaluation conducted by the HETMA Approved Committee and the evaluating members.

HETMA Evaluates Three Flagship INOGENI’s Products Leading Their Categories


SHARE2U: The SHARE2U is a dual USB/HDMI camera mixer that combines multiple video sources into a single USB stream, ideal for collaborative and educational environments. This mixer is part of INOGENI’s multi-camera mixer/switcher/selector range, supporting up to 4 USB or HDMI cameras (SHARE2 for 2x HDMI inputs, CAM230 for 2x USB & 1x HDMI inputs, and CAM300 for 2x USB & 2x HDMI inputs). Its compact design and plug-and-play functionality make it perfect for quick setups and efficient presentations.

TOGGLE: The TOGGLE switches 3 USB devices between 2 PCs, part of the TOGGLE series that includes TOGGLE ROOMS: a 3-host switcher for 5 USB/HDMI devices, and TOGGLE ROOMS XT: a 3-host switcher for 6 USB/HDMI devices with extension up to 70 m / 230 ft. These versatile USB 3.0 switchers provide a 4Kp60 pro-AV and unified communication system, enabling users to seamlessly switch from a Room PC to a laptop host, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient meeting experience. Their robust metal enclosures and reliable performance ensure smooth transitions, making them must-haves for conference rooms and interactive spaces.

4KXUSB3: The 4KXUSB3 is a 4K Ultra HD to USB 3.0 converter with HDMI loop, analog audio, and VISCA control. This USB 3.0 capture device delivers high-quality video streaming and recording. In the same family of HDMI-to-USB converters, INOGENI offers the HD2USB3, the 4K2USB3, and the 4KX-PLUS for Cisco applications. INOGENI also provides the SDI2USB3 converter and the U-CAM USB to HDMI converter, making these devices an excellent choice for live events, classrooms, and professional AV setups.

HETMA REPORT (full version available on demand)

The HETMA Approved program was created to provide a service to evaluate products through the lens of higher education technical managers. A diverse group pooled from our membership allows different perspectives to shape the outcome of any approval. The following are the findings of the Approved Committee and the evaluating members.

Product:SHARE2U, TOGGLE, and 4KXUSB3

Overall score: Exceeds expectations

Approval Status: Approved – UCC

Evaluator Demographic Information:

      • Institution/University Size:
        • Small (less than 5000): 2
        • Medium (5000-10000): 2
        • Large (greater than 10000): 1
      • Evaluator Certifications: CTS, CTS-I, CTS-D, Extron A/V Associate, Crestron Master Technology Architect, CompTIA N+, Dante, Extron DSP, Project Management or A/V-AVIXA, QSYS, Net+, CCNA, CEH

Evaluation Results and Notes:

The evaluators used their professional AV equipment in classrooms, auditoriums, and theaters to systematically assess the quality, performance, network security, and ease of use of these INOGENI products in meeting UC requirements.

Here are some quotes from evaluators in the HETMA report:

QUALITY + exceed quality standard:

  • “The quality of the device feels solid. It is in a metal enclosure with easy-to-press buttons.”
  • “All three devices are well-built and extremely reliable. A must-have in live events and classroom spaces.”

PERFORMANCE + exceed expectations:

  • “Switching between host devices is quick. Switching between cameras in Zoom with an Epson doc cam and an Avaya is quick without delay.”
  • “I have had the system running in a test conference room for a couple of months and have not once had any issue – no need to reboot, no display error, no locked switching. This feels like a very sturdy system I would have no issue pushing a full lifecycle out of.”.
  • “Tested performance far exceeded all expectations based on reviews and specs online. We have already purchased more INOGENI devices. They are perfect for all situations.”

HETMA + Suitable for higher education

The INOGENI devices were wonderful to evaluate. The SHARE2U, TOGGLE, and 4KXUSB3 exceeded expectations in quality and performance for higher education institutions.

  • “The consistency of experience is unmatched compared to similar products.”
  • “The small form factor and robust documentation regarding RS232 make this a great fit. You are able to disable all outputs if desired.”
  • “I could see this being useful in a large number of collaborative spaces, in classrooms, and event spaces.”
  • “I stated previously this is a must-have for higher education. We always need a device to quickly toggle or to do a last-minute recording, and these devices fit the bill. They conveniently fit into my go-bag, so I always have the toggle and the 4KXUSB3 ready.”

Over all the evaluators have stated that the INOGENI devices will become part of their thought process in future classroom planning.