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BARCO ClickShare Compatible, BYOM

How to use INOGENI’s TOGGLE with Barco’s ClickShare Conference System

The Barco and INOGENI engineering teams recently collaborated together to release an application note to explain, step-by-step, how to optimize the TOGGLE BYOD/BYOM switcher in a Barco ClickShare environment.

This document describes common use cases where you can connect the Toggle with ClickShare Conference system and a variety of compute systems.

Read the complete article in Barco’S knowledge base section.

Here is how it works:


To use the ClickShare + INOGENI TOGGLE with a room PC

Are you looking for an affordable solution to connect Barco’s ClickShare Conference System with a wired USB peripheral system? INOGENI’s TOGGLE provides a cost-effective solution for switching between different USB peripherals in a room.

With the TOGGLE, you can connect the Barco ClickShare Conference  System (CX-20, CX-30, CX-50) with a variety of computer systems, including MTRs and Zoom Rooms. TOGGLE can also automatically switch the USB peripherals between the ClickShare Conference System (CX-50 with a wired BYOD setup) and a laptop.


Connecting INOGENI’s TOGGLE with the ClickShare Conference System and MTR or Zoom Rooms is easy.

  1. Simply connect the CX-20/CX-30/CX-50 USB to the TOGGLE’s USB-B,
  2. the MTR/ZR USB to the TOGGLE’s USB-B,
  3. and the CX-20/CX-30/CX-50 HDMI Out to MTR/ZR HDMI IN.
  4. Connect the MTR/ZR HDMI Out to the display
  5. and the USB peripherals to the TOGGLE’s USB-A.
  6. You can also connect the Toggle GPI/RS-232 to the corresponding control system for seamless management.

Once the connections are made, you can operate the device with the TOGGLE’s button or the room control processor connected to its GPI input or RS232 port. If the room has a control processor with RS232 capabilities, you can use it to manually send commands through RS232. Make sure to configure the TOGGLE in “Manual mode” using the INOGENI Control App.

ClickShare Conference CX-50 with wired BYOD setup


To use the INOGENI TOGGLE with a laptop, connect the CX-50 USB to the TOGGLE’s USB-B, the BYOD PC USB to the TOGGLE’s USB-B, and CX-50 HDMI Out to the display. Connect the BYOD HDMI Out to HDMI In of CX-50 and USB peripherals to the TOGGLE’s USB-A.


After the connections are made, the user can walk in the room and wirelessly present by connecting to ClickShare—either either the button or the ClickShare App. Via ClickShare, the user can share their screen or individual applications. They can also wirelessly present a conference by connecting to ClickShare. If the user wants to switch to the BYOD laptop, they can connect their laptop to the TOGGLE’s USB-B. The peripherals will automatically switch from ClickShare (CX-50 with wired BYOD setup) to the laptop, and the user can share their laptop screen in full HD resolution.

In summary, INOGENI’s TOGGLE is a low-cost solution for connecting Barco’s ClickShare Conference System with wired USB peripherals. It’s easy to install and use, making it an excellent addition to any videoconferencing room!