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INOGENI to exhibit at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas

Don’t miss out on seeing our BYOM AV devices in action.


The new U-CAM USB 3.0 camera to HDMI converter

Connect your preferred AI camera and audio to an HDMI input CODEC, matrix or display.

From June 8 to 10, 2022, INOGENI will be exhibiting at InfoComm2022, the only North American event focused on Pro AV.

After two years of overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic, the AV world has forever changed. Videoconferencing as well as BYOM and BYOD applications are more relevant than ever before, whether it’s for companies, educational institutions or medical facilities.

INOGENI’s AV innovative, high-performance and affordable AV solutions are at the heart of any BYOM/BYOD setup from scratch or upgrade of an organization’s current videoconferencing infrastructure. From the INOGENI TOGGLE to our Mixers or Converters our technology are compatible by design. All of INOGENI’s smart AV devices are compatible with an array of video conferencing platforms thanks to our partnerships with all major players such as Cisco Webex, Teams, Zoom, Barco ClickShare, Crestron, Huddly, Logitech, etc.

Engaging videoconferences and meeting equity with INOGENI multi-cameras mixers and a selector

Beyond the need to create technology-agnostic videoconferences, a strong trend is emerging with the need for fairness in meetings between those in the meeting room and those at a distance. In order to create seamless communication experiences, it is necessary for remote people to feel fully involved in the dynamics of the meeting.

This is called meeting equity. It is essential because many studies demonstrate remote workers’ dissatisfaction with being at a distance and their difficulty in being able to interact with those in the meeting room.

Adequate cameras, microphones and larger screens are part of the solution. To create a fluid and engaging dynamic between people in HyFlex classrooms or collaborative meetings, INOGENI has developed two mixers and a selector for multiple cameras or video sources.

Thanks to the push button to change cameras instantly, this becomes an easy solution to improve exchanges between people in the meeting room and those at a distance. Being able to mix two cameras or video sources, the SHARE2 and SHARE2U allow you to make up to 14 video and picture-in-picture configurations accessible by pressing just a button and keeping the flow of the conversation. The CAM-300 enables the selection of four cameras or video sources. They are organizations’ go-to solutions to elevate the quality of their meetings or classes.

At InfoComm2022, INOGENI will be demonstrating all of its mixers, switchers and converters in booth #W1366. Stop by to see the following solutions in action:

New U-CAM converter: This device converts your USB 3.0/2.0 camera and audio to HDMI for your CODEC, matrix or displays with embedded audio.

One of the hottest applications is to use the U-CAM to connect the Huddly’s Canvas whiteboard camera to a Cisco Webex Codec for dynamic whiteboard collaboration or presentations in video meetings or HyFlex classrooms.

4KX-PLUS: Developed in collaboration with Cisco, this AV solution unlocks BYOM/BYOD in Cisco Webex environments so that users can connect their laptops to Webex devices for Zoom or Teams.

TOGGLE 3.0 switcher: The award-winning TOGGLE allows users to connect three USB 3.0 devices and switch them automatically between two PCs. The TOGGLE won the “Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year” award at the 2021 AV Awards in the UK.

SHARE2U dual mixer: This is an easy plug-and-go mixer for picture-in-picture in one video flow; it is perfect to enhance the experience of your HyFlex classes and collaborative meetings.

INOGENI’s range of AV devices will also be available for viewing at the following partner booths:

BTX – Booth #W1817
Products to be demoed:

  • U-CAM converter
  • 4KX-PLUS for Cisco Webex environments
  • SHARE2U dual mixer
  • TOGGLE 3.0 switcher

Cisco – Booth #W2023
Products to be demoed:

  • 4KX-PLUS for Cisco Webex environments


Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI as well as Jean-Pierre Simard, CMO, will host an educational conference at Infocom. Tackling the Challenges of Complex Multi-Camera Installations – Tuesday, June 07, 2022, 3:00 PM at InfoComm.

Find out how to solve the challenges of interoperability, meeting equity, multiple cameras, screens, and CODECs in our new BYOM hybrid reality. Whether in the office, a huddle room, a larger collaboration room or a classroom for colleges and universities, they will explain the problems experienced and practical solutions for soft CODECs, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room, or with UC systems, such as the Cisco Webex series.

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Make sure you stop by! Can’t make it? Check out our solutions on our website or contact us today for more information!