The SHARE2U Dual USB Camera to USB 3.0 camera mixer can be used for a wide variety of applications.



Compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference.

See the blog for integration tips.

Meeting room

This is a generic room with cameras mounted at the front. The purpose of the room is to support a live, interactive webcast of the nine meeting members, the meeting leader and a remote site. The people they are speaking with appear on a large screen. This could also be a one-way webcast more like a news report in which case you would only require one large screen to serve as a monitor. Using a CAM300, you could include a 3rd camera in the rear of the room directed on the meeting leader/moderator.


Each of the people will have information to offer so their faces must be seen, and their voices heard. The meeting leader/moderator will operate the video player or computer and the INOGENI SHARE2U.


In addition to the two PTZ cameras mounted in the front of the room there is one more source – a computer with several PowerPoint programs and some non HDCP movies that have been transferred to the hard drive. An INOGENI CAM Selector would allow the meeting leader/moderator to select between the video player, PC and one of the two cameras. If you use a CAM selector you could include a 3rd camera at the back of the room. Because the cameras are in the front of the room, it is convenient to mount the INOGENI SHARE in the front and have short cable runs.

Lecture room

A small lecture room used by different presenters. Using the HDMI output of the SHARE2U, the video is also shown on the screen. The presentation is webcast and made available for online review. In this case the SHARE2U is also used as an input to a Creston RL-2.


Depending on the presenter and their material, video inputs could include the output of a video player, computer or either of two cameras.


In addition to the two cameras there is one more source – a computer with several PowerPoint programs and some non HDCP movies that have been transferred to the hard drive. Upstream of the SHARE2U is an INOGENI CAM300 Selector allowing a choice between the video player, computer output and one of the cameras. The second input to the SHARE2U is from one of the USB cameras.

Live webcast office

An office used also for one person webcasts. Typical applications include a financial advisor discussing how to grow your money, a subscription website manager talking about efficient website uploads or any other one to many communications. And they can be interactive via phone call in. The presentation is webcast live and made available for online review.


Everything is stored on the computer. Using the examples above, the financial advisor could show charts and graphs or pictures of suggested investments, the website manage could show example images at different resolutions showing what works best and the police chief could have mug shots, crime scene photos or aerial footage. In this case there are two computers. One is a content source and the other is for webcasting.


One camera and one computer output. The SHARE2U can accept an HDMI output from the computer and a USB output from one camera.


These are the components of a portable webcasting kit that can fit in a laptop case and one carry bag. Typical applications include news reporting and onsite interviews.


With on location reporting there is little time to set things up and few chances to reshoot.


Two cameras. One is a webcam and the other a PTZ camera. The speaker can preview their webcast on the screen of the computer.


The meeting leader can control the SHARE2U from the buttons on the top or with an INOGENI remote control. SHARE2U may also be controlled via Ethernet, serial control or by Crestron/AMX. Ask INOGENI about Crestron modules. 


Each meeting member is important, and each needs to be heard along with the meeting leader. Several third-party solutions are available for handling multiple microphones or microphone arrays. If the device output is analog, it can be connected to the SHARE2U audio input. If the audio device has a USB output, it can be connected to the SHARE2U USB expansion ports.


You may need to run longer than normal cables to the rear of the SHARE2U.

Cable length specifications:

  • USB 3.0 specification is 3 m/9.84 ft.
  • USB 2.0 specification is 5 m/16.4 ft.
  • Anything longer will need an active extender.