Device Controller


MAESTRO Device controller – Software for TOGGLE ROOMS

Revise and customize your TOGGLE ROOMS devices with:

  • Simple firmware updates
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • Streamlined device configuration

Download the MAESTRO device controller software for TOGGLE ROOMS today and gain complete control over your AV setups. Just download and install the program on your PC to effortlessly check status, update firmware, and access advanced customization features. Remember, while this software enhances your experience, it’s not necessary for basic device operation.

Introducing Maestro, the advanced device controller software tailored specifically for the TOGGLE ROOMS by INOGENI. Developed with robust and reliable software technology, Maestro provides unparalleled control over your AV setups, ensuring seamless operation and maximum efficiency. Designed for easy installation, Maestro works effortlessly on both Windows and Mac platforms, offering versatility and convenience to users across different operating systems.

With key features like easy firmware updates, status scanning, and device configuration, Maestro simplifies the management of your TOGGLE ROOMS setups, allowing for smooth and hassle-free operation. Here’s what you need to know:


Keys features

Real-time status monitoring:

From firmware versions to hardware revisions, IP configuration, MAC address, and more as well as for current videos, display and peripheral I/O status and configurations, users can quickly access crucial TOGGLE ROOMS device information to ensure optimal performance.

With Maestro’s comprehensive status monitoring feature, users can troubleshoot issues efficiently and minimize downtime.

Efficient device configuration & setting: Maestro streamlines the configuration process for the TOGGLE ROOMS device. Users can customize USB, share and display switching modes, all HDMI I/O setting and resolutions, as well as the operation mode to meet their specific requirements. With Maestro’s capabilities, users can tailor their AV setups to suit their unique needs, maximizing functionality and performance.

User-friendly interface: Maestro boasts an intuitive interface designed for easy navigation and hassle-free operation, empowering users to toggle effortlessly between LAPTOP HOSTS THE MEETING and Room PC modes.

Effective information architecture: The software enables easy access to customizable features and settings through its comprehensive subsections, such as Status, Settings, System and Resources.

Flexible configuration: Enjoy flexible configuration options for video inputs and outputs, including resolutions, EDID modes, HDCP settings, and USB host selections. Maestro provides unparalleled versatility and compatibility.

Advanced control options: TOGGLE ROOMS includes customizable RS-232 baud rates (9600 to 115200) and flexible GPI settings for functions, such as BYOM mode,USB host control, and REST API access token generation. In addition, VOUT options provide precise output control, enhancing user flexibility. Combined with the INO Host-Button, Maestro ensures effortless device mode toggling and seamless AV management.

Robust security features: With built-in security features, like login info management, Maestro ensures peace of mind and protects your AV setups from unauthorized access.

Easy access to resources and documentation: This section includes the TOGGLE ROOMS user guide for comprehensive guidance. Additionally, certifications, such as FCC, CE, RoHS, IEC62368, SoV, RCM, NOM and TAA, ensure compliance and quality standards are met, providing peace of mind for users.


With Maestro, take full control of your AV environment like never before, maximizing functionality and performance with every operation.