INOGENI’s TOGGLE USB 3.0 PRO AV switcher allows anyone in a conference room to access high-quality USB devices (cameras, microphones) in mere seconds.

How it works

The TOGGLE USB 3.0 professional switcher can connect to three USB 3.0 devices and switch them between two hosts. It will automatically switch to a laptop when it is connected, and revert back to the conference room’s computer when disconnected. It can also be controlled remotely by RS-232 or GPI.



The TOGGLE USB 3.0 switcher offers an array of features for a smooth and seamless BYOD or BYOM experience:

Plug & Go

INOGENI has developed numerous custom applications with our global partners. Capture, mix and switch without drivers. INOGENI makes everything work together thanks to our professional switchers. Enable BYOM/BYOD with Lenovo ThinkSmart videoconferencing system.

Compatible with all cameras and devices (microphones, etc.)

This 4K pro AV camera converter is fully compatible with all cameras, including professional-caliber equipment such as Vaddio, Huddly, HuddleCAMHD, Aver, Jabra, Logitech, Marshall cameras, and web cameras.

Own the room! BYOD/BYOM USB + HDMI for 2 PCs switcher

Discover the award-winning TOGGLE ROOMS

  • BYOD/BYOM automatic or manual switching
  • 3x USB 3.0 and HDMI devices to 2 PCs switcher (laptops and room PCs)
  • 4Kp60 and widescreen
  • Can be used for a wide variety of applications