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MAXHUB and INOGENI forge innovative new partnership for Microsoft Teams rooms


MAXHUB and INOGENI forge innovative new partnership to elevate pro-AV collaboration for Microsoft Teams Rooms

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January 30, Barcelona at ISE 2024: MAXHUB, a leader in smart collaboration technology, and INOGENI, a pioneer in USB AV conferencing solutions, have joined forces in an innovative new partnership. This collaboration seamlessly integrates MAXHUB’s Microsoft Teams Rooms XCore or XT kits with INOGENI’s TOGGLE and the newly introduced TOGGLE ROOMS at ISE 2024, unlocking dynamic videoconferencing experiences. Notably, INOGENI’s TOGGLE plays a pivotal role, empowering external laptops to seamlessly access and utilize high-quality room AV and USB peripherals, improving the overall flexibility and efficiency of collaborative meetings. TOGGLE ROOMS, the latest addition to INOGENI’s product lineup, enhances BYOM/BYOD meetings further by offering advanced features and capabilities.

INOGENI’s TOGGLE facilitates effortless switching up to 3 USB 3.0 peripherals—camera, audio, speakerphone or videobar—between MAXHUB’s room PC and guest laptops for a streamlined Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) setup and utilizes other UC conference applications. The TOGGLE enables automatic or controllable switching of USB devices from the MAXHUB Room PC to the laptop. TOGGLE ROOMS goes beyond, providing additional functionalities:

TOGGLE ROOMS 4Kp60 BYOD/BYOM switcher with one USB-C cable (100W): Effortlessly connect to three USB 3.0 devices and an HDMI display (one & dual) and capable of 21:9 wide screen, ensuring a remarkable 4Kp60 resolution for crystal-clear visuals.

Automatic host switching: Seamlessly transition between two hosts, automatically recognizing and switching to a connected laptop.

Charging capabilities: Convenient charging of up to 100W via USB-C, ensuring that laptops remain powered throughout meetings.

This cost-effective solution offers tailored configurations, competitive pricing, and seamless integration with major pro-AV ecosystems. Key features include a budget-friendly price point, making it more accessible for extensive installations in various room sizes, from huddle rooms to professional spaces, such as physician rooms, legal offices, executive suites, and HR rooms, as well as general mid-size and large videoconference rooms.

This all-encompassing system simplifies maintenance and installation, providing one versatile solution for diverse meeting environments.

Innovative Solutions for Any Room Size: MAXHUB’s XT Series, featuring the TOGGLE BYOD solution, caters to meeting rooms of all sizes. The XT10-VB Kit offers a tailored Microsoft Teams Rooms solution. The compatibility with various MAXHUB displays ensures a perfect match for every room.

Key features of the MAXHUB MTR solution:

  •  Offering a cost-effective alternative – MAXHUB ensures accessibility without compromising quality.
  • MAXHUB MTR provides a comprehensive package of devices, eliminating the need for piecemeal solutions.
  • Seamless integration with major ecosystems, such as Crestron, Extron, Q-SYS, and ProAV Systems, ensures a cohesive and connected experience.
  • Simplified management with remote device capabilities makes it easy to upgrade BYOD rooms.

The BYOM capabilities with the TOGGLE and with the TOGGLE ROOMS are suitable with the following MAXHUB MTR Solution- MAXHUB XT Series for Microsoft Teams Rooms:

XCore Kit   –   XT10-VB Kit
and display option from CMA Series to UW series 21:9

Picture: XT10-VB Kit

INOGENI TOGGLE: Enhancing BYOM workflows: INOGENI’s TOGGLE USB 3.0 PRO-AV switcher steals the spotlight, allowing users in a conference room to access high-quality USB devices within seconds. Recognized at the 2021 AV Awards in the “Processing and Distribution Technology of the Year” category, the TOGGLE USB 3.0 pro AV switcher ensures a reliable and high-quality/high-speed BYOM/BYOD experiences.

Easily enable BYOM/BYOD to improve room versatility

  •  Switch between 3 USB devices with 2 PC hosts
  • Seamless Integration with other systems:
    • Enable BYOM/BYOD with all major videoconferencing systems, like Lenovo, Barco, Poly, Crestron, Cisco, Q-SYS and more.
  • Automatic switching to the joining laptop
  • Cost-effective solution that is reliable and simple to install and connect (no driver required)
  • Controllable by RS-232 and GPI
  • Compact and robust design with its aluminum enclosure
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • TAA-compliant

The MAXHUB and INOGENI partnership is set to redefine pro-AV collaboration, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers users to create dynamic, efficient spaces for remote work between teams. As the industry evolves, this collaboration demonstrates the commitment of both companies to push the boundaries of innovation in professional audio-visual technology.

For those eager to embrace the future of pro-AV collaboration, MAXHUB and INOGENI invite you to experience the seamless integration of technology that sets a new standard for excellence in the industry.

You can find MAXHUB solution here: The MAXHUB MTR Solution

To learn more about the TOGGLE and the TOGGLE ROOM, visit INOGENI at ISE 2024 booth #2S710 or learn more about the products here: