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New TOGGLE ROOMS! Solve the videoconferencing puzzle: Unleash user-friendly control

Seize control of your videoconference space effortlessly! INOGENI has just introduced the user-friendly BYOD/BYOM switcher, INOGENI TOGGLE ROOMS, debuting at ISE 2024. View the Press Release.

In the dynamic landscape of videoconferencing, the recurring challenge lies in bridging the gap between complex technical setups and end-user expectations. Each new system often comes with a bewildering array of controls, leaving users grappling with the basics, from switching cameras to sharing presentations seamlessly. The disconnect between the technical intricacies and the end user’s understanding of control pads, content sharing, and screen management can lead to frustrating and inefficient meeting experiences.



INOGENI, a leader in pro-AV conferencing solutions, proudly presents TOGGLE ROOMS, an innovative BYOD/BYOM videoconference host switcher. Tailored for Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) scenarios with laptops, TOGGLE ROOMS empowers users with just one USB-C cable to enhance their meeting experiences. The 4K BYOD/BYOM switcher effortlessly links a laptop through either USB-C with 100W charging or USB-B + HDMI, connecting to three USB 3.0 devices and an HDMI display across two PC hosts, ensuring a pro-AV and unified communication system with a remarkable 4Kp60 resolution. This cutting-edge solution ensures a seamless transition between a Room PC and a laptop host, optimizing INOGENI’s dedication to innovation in collaborative technology for the corporate landscape.

Great news! TOGGLE ROOMS won 2x BEST OF SHOW awards at ISE 2024

2 magazines: AV Technology and Sound & Video Contractor recognized our innovation with the TOGGLE ROOMS. Two separate teams of judges from anonymous AV experts were impressed with our new solution and attributed INOGENI the two awards.


Robust, reliable, and compatible by design, the TOGGLE ROOMS is engineered and made in Canada. Its automatic switching, TAA compliance, and variety control options make it a cost-effective and user-friendly solution for modern meeting spaces.

As explained by Gilles Chouinard, President and CTO of INOGENI: TOGGLE ROOMS transforms collaboration effortlessly, allowing users to switch seamlessly and instantaneously without any disruptions. TOGGLE ROOMS empowers users to easily navigate your virtual space, ensuring a seamless and flexible platform for leading conferencing tools, like Teams, Zoom, and beyond. Elevate your meeting experience with the efficiency and peace of mind that TOGGLE ROOMS brings to every collaborative endeavour.”

HOW IT WORKS: SWITCH BYOD/BYOM with one cable for a Room PC and laptop


TOGGLE ROOMS seamlessly integrates into a Room PC environment, allowing users to connect peripherals and charge their laptops via versatile options, such as USB-C (100W) or USB-B and HDMI for older laptop models.

Switch 4 peripherals between 2 hosts (3 USB + display)

Room PC BYOD mode with content sharing: This facilitates content sharing from the laptop (BYOD) to the Room PC via HDMI, displaying it on the shared screen.

Laptop BYOM mode: In addition, users can swiftly switch control to the room peripherals, enabling independent meetings with preferred cloud systems, like Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Switching control for TOGGLE ROOMS is versatile, featuring RS-232 and IP control options, along with 2x GPI/relay control for efficient PC selection between BYOD and BYOM modes. Additionally, a convenient table surface-mounted button facilitates host switching for BYOM laptops, with accessories available separately for enhanced customization.


This flexibility extends across various settings, from huddle rooms to large boardrooms, classrooms, and auditoriums, making it an ideal solution for unified videoconferences.

Compatibility with leading MTR and Zoom Rooms systems as well as pro-AV USB devices.

 BYOD/BYOM automatic or manual switching of 4 peripherals between 2 hosts.

Easy push button to switch BYOM or via a control system.


Compatible by design: It is compatible with top Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and Zoom Rooms systems, including Logitech, Lenovo, Jabra, MAXHUB, Crestron Flex, BOSE, Dell and Poly Studio Room Kit, as well as USB cameras, videobars and videoconferencing audio systems.

Automatic switching: Enjoy hassle-free meetings with automatic switching between connected devices, enhancing user convenience and optimizing meeting room efficiency.

Seamless connectivity: Effortlessly switch between Room PCs and laptop hosts, enabling fast transitions of peripherals for a seamless collaboration experience.

Discover everything about TOGGLE ROOMS and its applications in the product page here: TOGGLE ROOMS.