The SDI2USB3 video converter can be used for a wide variety of applications.

By converting a SDI or HDMI video camera (with SDI2USB3 and 4KXUSB3) or video source to USB, all INOGENI camera mixers/selectors, including the SHARE2, SHARE2U, CAM300, and CAM230, are recognized as cameras devices with Zoom Rooms. This allows seamless switching between them and any other camera sources added to your room using the “Switch Camera” button on the controller.

INOGENI capture cards offer a powerful and versatile solution to enhance your Zoom Rooms experience. Whether you need HDMI screen-sharing or camera capabilities, INOGENI’s range of Zoom-certified devices offers seamless integration and boosts collaboration. By following the setup instructions and troubleshooting tips, you can maximize the potential of your Zoom Rooms and elevate your virtual meetings to new heights.

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The SDI2USB3 is detected by ZOOM as a camera device

Compatible systems