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INOGENI to exhibit at ISE 2022 in Barcelona this spring

See the INOGENI’s 4KX-PLUS in Cisco Webex booth.

INOGENI will be exhibiting at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona this spring, from May 10-13 in the Cisco Booth #2K100– Demo section. The event, which is the world’s leading AV and systems integration trade show promises to be chock-full of the amazing conferences and events that allow participants to explore the latest AV technologies and how they are changing the way people communicate, learn and live.

Even before the global pandemic—but also exacerbated by it—videoconferencing, BYOM and BYOD have been trending for quite some time. From companies and educational institutions to medical facilities, more and more teams are looking to implement BYOM/BOYD in their conference rooms to facilitate collaboration and learning.

And INOGENI’s solutions are at the heart of this new way of working.

Whether putting together a BYOM/BYOD setup from scratch or upgrading an organization’s current videoconferencing infrastructure, INOGENI develops the most high-performance, cost-effective AV solutions to easily enable BYOM/BYOD. These solutions include:

  • The SHARE2U camera mixer for multi-camera setups
  • 4KX-PLUS, developed in collaboration with Cisco, enables BYOM/BYOD in Cisco Webex environments
  • The award-winning TOGGLE that allows users to switch cameras, microphones and speakers automatically from a room PC/CODEC to a laptop.

At ISE 2022, INOGENI will be showcasing the 4KX-PLUS HDMI to USB3.0 converter. If you’re planning to attend, make sure you stop by and watch our solution in action!

See the 4KX-PLUS in the Cisco – Booth #2K100

At Cisco’s booth, learn how you can leverage the performance and simplicity of our 4KX-PLUS converter to connect a laptop to Webex devices and start using Zoom and Teams. It’s the ideal solution to unlock BYOM/BYOD in a Webex environment.

The 4KX-PLUS enables third-party meetings (BYOM), such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, with Cisco Webex equipment (cameras, screens and microphones).

Read the full story: INOGENI launches 4KX-PLUS – HDMI to USB 3.0 for the Cisco Webex Room Series

We look forward to seeing you at the trade show! Can’t make it? Check out our solutions on our website or contact us today for more information!

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