INOGENI’s easy and versatile SHARE2 Camera Mixer provides Picture-In-Picture in one video flow. Create interactive presentations for collaborative meetings and HyFlex classrooms.

  • 2 HDMI cameras mixer into a single USB 3.0 interface
  • Engage a dynamic presentation and easily switch up to 14 mix setup videos
  • Change camera and video configuration without cutting the flow of your presentation
  • Ideal for remote education, collaborative meetings, webinars or live streaming
  • Compatible with the Q-SYS Core processors
  • Output: Uncompressed video on USB 3.0 or MJPEG on USB 2.0
  • Audio I/O and mixer via the  INOGENI Control App
  • Controllable by LAN & RS-232
  • Cost-effective solution that is reliable and simple to install and connect (no driver required)
  • Compact and robust design with its aluminium enclosure
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada

How it works

The SHARE2 Dual HDMI/DVI to USB 3.0 professional camera mixer can be controlled by an application on the host side using our LAN or RS-232 interfaces. You can also use the keypad on the top of the device to control it manually.

You can use the camera mixer feature of the SHARE2 to embed your two video sources into one single stream. This feature can be an important asset for you if your application only supports one video interface, like Teams®, Zoom®, Webex®, GoToMeeting® and all video conferencing applications.

Easy push-button to switch easily up to 14 mix setup videos


The SHARE2 Dual HDMI/DVI to USB 3.0 professional camera mixer offers an array of features for a smooth and seamless experience.

  • Control interface: LAN, RS-232, USB (Get the  software upgrade:  Crestron Serial & IP modules)
  • Local and remote keypad:  REMOTE User Guide
  • HDMI, DVI, VGA or CVBS video input connectors; VGA and CVBS are available using an adapter
  • Unbalanced, line level stereo audio support
  • Digital Fluid technology: Internal frame buffers maximize frame rate with any host
  • Hardware-based color space and sampling conversion
  • Automatic scaling and frame rate conversion
  • Customizable video processing functions
  • Supports multiple devices on the same host
  • Device configuration via the  INOGENI Control App
  • Firmware upgrade available via the  INOGENI Control App
  • Compatible with the Q-SYS Core processors
  • Compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference

Plug & Go

INOGENI has developed numerous custom applications with our global partners. Capture, mix and switch without drivers. INOGENI makes everything work together thanks to our professional camera mixers.

Compatible with all USB cameras

This professional camera converter is fully compatible with all HDMI cameras, including professional-grade equipment such as Vaddio, Aver or Marshall cameras.