Dual USB 2.0 Video to USB 3.0 Multi I/O Capture

OPTIMIZE your video collaboration and webcast with two cameras.
Works with Skype®, Zoom®, Webex®, GoToMeeting®, Hangouts®, etc.
Reduces hardware complexity and connections to your computer.

Easy, No Drivers, No Setup !
Versatile !
Compatible with all Apps !




  • Mixer feature : Hardware mixer into a single USB 3.0 interface
  • Control interface : LAN, RS-232, USB 
  • Local and remote keypad.
  • USB 2.0 cameras and HDMI capture
  • HDMI output for preview
  • Line level stereo audio support
  • Digital Fluid technology: Internal frame buffers maximize frame rate with any host
  • Hardware-based color space and sampling conversion
  • Compatible with Windows, OSX and Linux

The device can be controlled by an application on the host side using our USB HID, RS-232 or LAN interfaces. You can also use the keypad on top of the device to control it manually.You can use the Mixer feature of the SHARE 2U to embed your two video sources into one single stream. This feature can be an important asset for you if your application only supports one video interface, like Skype®, Zoom®, Webex®, GoToMeeting® and all video conferencing applications. 


Here are the different Mixer configurations.

Single 1


Single 2

Side by Side

Big and Small

Picture in Picture


OEM and system developers friendly

The device may be controlled by INOGENI's APP or via an included API so you can design your own. You can read the sources status, presence, format, modify the EDID, update the firmware, etc. and ask for custom functionalities.


You can also get Crestron modules in order to control the device using the LAN or serial interface. You can get a look at the interface of the Crestron module below. Visit the Software Update page under the INOGENI SHARE 2 section for more details.


Control App

Here is the interface of our INOGENI SHARE2 Control App.

The device has its own application in order to control the Mixer configuration using the USB HID or the LAN interfaces. You can also monitor the firmware versions installed on the device and the status of the Camera and Content inputs. You can update your device to the latest firmware using the Update menu. The C++ source code of this application is available on demand. Visit the Software Update page under the INOGENI Control Applications section for more details.