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Q-SYS Designer Software now features INOGENI’s Mixers/Switchers Plugins

Enhance meeting engagement in the Q-SYS platform! Use INOGENI multi-camera mixers or switchers with Q-SYS Core processors.


NOW with the CAM230 (3x USB/HDMI cameras)

INOGENI, in partnership with Q-SYS, has developed plugins that are available in the Q-SYS Designer softwareTM. This integration allows users to enjoy USB AI multi-camera fast mixing and switching capabilities on their Q-SYS platforms.

All INOGENI’s SHARE2 and SHARE2U 2 camera mixers and CAM230 and CAM300 multi-cameras switchers, are integrated in the Q-SYS control system.

SHARE2, SHARE2U and CAM300 + CAM230 with Q-SYS Core processors

Using the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager, users can easily drop the control module into their designs on multiple Q-SYS Core platforms. The documentation for each plugin is readily available and provides a step-by-step installation procedure.

Easy to install


The integration of INOGENI products with Q-SYS technology solutions offers several benefits. First, it reduces the integration time of INOGENI products in Q-SYS environments. Second, the control modules are robust and offer reliable performance. Third, these modules are maintained throughout the Q-SYS Designer software updates, ensuring that they remain compatible with the latest versions.

INOGENI + Q-SYS multi-cameras enhance meeting presentations

That is where our SHARE2 and SHARE2U mixers and the CAM300 + CAM230 multi-camera switcher come into play. These devices provide a seamless technology for switching between multiple cameras and allowing for collaborative meeting experiences.


The Q-SYS control pad is easy to use with its visual touchscreen interface.

With the help of our Q-SYS system, the mixer is connected to the necessary infrastructure to ensure high-quality audio and video output. By allowing participants to see each other’s expressions and movements, the mixer helps to achieve meeting equity and fosters an extraordinary collaborative meeting experience. With our technology, meeting attendees can engage in sincere and authentic communication, leading to improved collaboration, creative ideas, and constructive negotiation. Our cameras and mixers are designed to maintain the flow of communication in group chats and enable creative discussions in a complex while providing a comfortable and engaging environment for all participants.

In addition, the plugins come with documentation that provides all the necessary information for integration, including compatibility, installation procedures, and troubleshooting. Users can easily find this documentation on the Q-SYS website.

While INOGENI’s integration with Q-SYS technology solutions is not the first mixer/switcher to be integrated with Q-SYS, it is a significant development. INOGENI’s plugins offer users greater flexibility and control over their video processing solutions, enabling them to easily create more complex and engaging content.

INOGENI’s SHARE Series Q-SYS plugin and CAM300 + CAM230 Q-SYS plugin documentation (to be released soon from the developer) provide users with detailed instructions on installing and using the plugins. These plugins are easy to use and are designed to work seamlessly with Q-SYS technology solutions.

Overall, integrating INOGENI products with Q-SYS technology is a significant development that offers users greater flexibility and control over video processing solutions. With these plugins, users can easily integrate INOGENI products into their Q-SYS environments and offer USB AI multi-camera mixing capabilities. The documentation and installation procedures provided by INOGENI and Q-SYS make this integration easy to achieve, even for those who are new to video processing technology.

Read the application notes on Q-SYS Core for:
  • SHARE2       Mix 2 HDMI/DVI cameras to USB 3.0
  • SHARE2U    Mix 2 USB or HDMI cameras to USB 3.0 (+ PTZ)
  • CAM300       Switch 4 video camera (2USB and 2 HDMI) (+ PTZ)
  • CAM230       Switch 3 Camera (2 USB and 1 HDMI) (+ PTZ)


Discover how to integrate the SHARE2, SHARE2U and CAM 300 and the CAM230 in the Q-SYS Designer software. Visit the INOGENI’s Q-SYS Alliances partnership web page.