Question:  How to verify if my Android system is compatible with INOGENI?

Answer: Android compatibility depends on the device you have and the Android software version installed. Since our device is UVC-compliant, you must make sure that the “uvcvideo” module is present in your Android system. We recommend using a device with USB 3.0Type-C OTG capability, which enable the support for USB Video Class devices. Using a USB 3.0 interface will allow you to do Full HD video capture. If a simple USB 2.0 webcam is working fine with your Android system, the INOGENI will work fine as well.

The device was tested in our lab using the CameraFi and Stroom Live apps running on a Google Pixel smartphone. Using a USB 2.0 connection will work also, but you will be limited in formats and frame rate.

  • Google Pixel
  • LG G5
  • Asus ZenPhone 3