Question:  I have Inogeni 4K2USB3 firmware version 4.21 running under Windows 8.1 64-bit, connected via USB3 Using VLC 2.2.0, When I click the Record button, it creates an AVI on my Samsung 850 EVO SSD. When I play back the AVI, there’s no sound. What should I be doing differently?

Answer:  Media >> Open capture device. Select Video & audio device name and select a format in the video size, like 1920×1080. Click on the Arrow of the Play button and select Convert. There, by default, you can select encoding scheme and audio data rate. By default, it will encode using H.264 & MP3. You can verify if it is working by choosing a destination file and by hitting Start. REPLY:Tried it. No go. Clicked on the “edit selected profile” of Convert. Shows “This muxer is missing. Using the selected profile will fail.” Web search seems to indicate bug of the VLC Windows build. No newer version currently available. You could also use ffmpeg, which is in my opinion, the best recording framework.

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